Grown up between wooden shavings and instruments it was only natural for me to become a violinmaker under the guidance of my father. During and after the apprenticeship (1984-1988) I learned about violinmaking in the historical environment of Cremona under guidance of A. Panitz and P.A. Balzarini.
Afterwards in Lausanne I assisted Pierre Gerber and Pierre Mastrangelo, where I learned a lot about tone-improving and - fascinated by old italian and french instruments - got to know about their history.
At Hans Weisshaars' in Los Angeles (author of 'Violin Restorations') I had the great luck to learn from the master himself the newest techniques in restoration and a lot about old violins.
Inspired by inventive work of my friend Boid Poulsen, I discovered my passion for bowmaking in the year 1993.
After becoming part of 'Rast Geigenbauer' in 1991, I concluded the swiss masters degree in 1995 and became business partner of Rast Geigenbauer GmbH in the year 2000.
It is my ambition that all of our customers can profit from my continuous learning and my knowledge about newest tendencies and modern techniques.

Hans Peter

I made my apprenticeship in Adolf König's violinmaking school in Brienz, followed by further classes as a bowmaker at Siegfried Finkel's, likewise in Brienz.
Times of service as journeyman at Bengt Lindholm's in Stockholm and at Ulrich Zimmermann's in Bern followed in the years of 1961-1969. In Zurich in 1969 I opened up my own workshop, together with my wife Elisabeth.
As a founder and member of the executive committee of the AEL (Association européenne des luthiers et archetiers) and the V.S.G.B. (Society of swiss violin- and bowmakers) I always try to keep on learning theoretically and and in practise.
Being a passionate bass- and celloplayer I have a great understanding of musicians' sorrows and sufferings and the knowledge to solve any problem successfully.
It is my goal to get the best out of an instrument and to offer the best possible service for our customers, be they beginners or great artists.


As the youngest of the family I also felt attracted by violinmaking and therefore I did my learning as a violinmaker from 1988 to 1992 at my father's workshop under the guidance of J.G. Leuthold, my father and my brother.
Since 1994 I work parttime at Rast Geigenbauer GmbH, specialising in service and restoration of violin-, cello- and bassbows.
I kept on attending continuos courses in New York as a drummer and earn parts of my living as a free musician in Zurich.
Since 1999 I also work as sounddevelopper at Paiste Cimbals.